Autumn adventures in Sport

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Well what a busy few months its been for the Sports Engineering team. Jason Harding finally completed his endless winter of following the world snowboarding circuit by handing in his PhD and publishing another paper on the side, this time in the Journal of Performance Analysis. A close second Amin Ahmadi also submitted his PhD on tennis technology, he claims to have been distracted by numerous TV and radio interviews following the reporting of his work in New Scientist.
No slouches were computer systems lecturer David Rowlands and new PhD student Tristan McNab who picked up a number of grants from Apple for using iPod technology in Sports, they are currently somewhere over the pacific on their way to Apple Fanbois heaven a.k.a Apples’ World Wide Developer Conference. Bring me back a Gen 4 iPhone boys!

Speaking of overseas centre director recently handed over the keys to his office and mailbox and thus released from the shackles of office was last seen enjoying a scandanavian summer in Copenhaagen, courtesy of a Queensland International Fellowship and the QAS with our overseas research partners in swimming. Holding the fort back home I took time out last week to rub shoulders with the Australian Cricket community, including an inciteful panel discussion on illegal bowling action sporting centre researcher Andrew Wixted right amongst it. Later there was an opportunity to speak on the role of technology as an enabler in Sport.

Coming up is the international conference of Sports Engineering in Vienna, Antennas and Propagation and a 3-D motion conference in the US. The Vienna conference has generated a lot of intrest – mostly because of the chocolates we might bring back rather than the work to be presented there..but thats another story


The papers
Wixted, A., Billing, D., James, D., “Validation of trunk mounted inertial sensors for analysing running biomechanics”, Journal of Sports Engineering (accepted 2010)

Ahmadi, A., Rowlands, D., James, D. A., “Towards a wearable device for skill assessment and skill acquisition of a tennis player during the first serve
Sports Technology, 2009 (accepted 2010)

Harding, Jason W.; James, Daniel A. , Analysis of Snowboarding Performance At The Burton Open Australian Half-Pipe Championships pp. 66-81(16) International Journal of Performance Assessment in Sport

Diery, A., Cutmore, T.R.H., Rowlandsa, D.., James, D., Automated ECG Diagnostic P-Wave Analysis using Wavelets, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine (accepted 2010)

Ahmadi, A., Rowlands, D., James, D. A., , Measuring arm rotation in tennis serves using inertial, marker based and videography technologis”, Journal of Sports Engineering (accepted)

David Rowlands, Daniel A. James and David Thiel, “Bowler Analysis in Cricket using Centre of Mass Inertial Monitoring”, Sports Technology 2009, (21-2), pp39-42.

Daniel A. Jamesa,, Amir Galehar, David V. Thiel , Mobile sensor communications in aquatic environments for sporting applications, Procedia Engineering (accepted)

Harding, J., James, D. a., Performance Assessment Innovations for Elite Snowboarding, Procedia Engineering (accepted)

David Rowlands, Daniel A. James , Architectures for iPod/iPhone applications in field sports, International Sports Engineering conference on Sport, Vienna July 2010

Thiel DV, Tremayne M, James DA, Rowlands DD. , Modified Chapman Ball Control Test in Field Hockey using a Stick-mounted Accelerometer. International Sports Engineering conference on Sport, Vienna July 2010

Wixted, Marc Portus, Wayne Spratford, Mark Davis, James, Virtual & inertial sensors to detect illegal cricket bowling. International Sports Engineering conference on Sport, Vienna July 2010

Andrew Wixted, Marc Portus, Wayne Spratford, Mark Davis,Daniel James, Towards a wearable cricket bowling sensor. International Symposium on the 3-D Analysis of Human Movement in San Francisco, California

Amin M. Abbosh, Daniel James, and David V. Thiel , Compact UHF Antenna in Aquatic Environments for Mobile Sporting Applications. IEEE Antennas and Propagation 2010

James, D. A., Wixted, A., Technology in Sports Assessment: Past, present and future. June 2010

Wixted, A., Marc Portus, Wayne Spratford, Mark Davis, James, D. Sensors to measure illegal bowling actions, Conference of Science, Medicine & Coaching in Cricket, June 2010


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