Welcome James Lee, our new post doc

This week James Lee joins our research group as a post doc working on swimming biomechanics. Originally a PhD student with us, he was lured by the bright lights and fame as a university lecturer at the University of the Southern Cross. Happily enlightenment came whilst visiting Nimbin and he joins us to work on the ARC funded swimming technology project. Jims bio here http://sportsbioengineering.com/james-lee.html

Dr. Daniel James,
Sports Bio Engineering http://sportsbioengineering.com

Centre for Wireless Monitoring and Applications
Griffith University

Centre of Excellence for Applied Sport Science Research
Queensland Academy of Sport

+61 (0)7 3735 5036

+61 (0)7 3735 5384(f) , +61 (0)401 683 592 (m)

“..and if the traveller is fortunate….the destination is two miles father away for every mile he or she travels”, G.Leonard


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