Want to do a Masters In Sports Technology?

Technology pervades many aspects our lives today and the its true also in the sporting community. The Queensland Sports Technology Cluster in conjunction with partners is calling for expressions of intrest for a Masters in Sports Technology programme. The degree programme is seeking intrest from suitably qualified applicants from engineering or sports science backgrounds.

Why you might do this degree
With the uptake of technology in sport there is an emerging Sports technology skill set gap. Sport scientists understand sport well but less so the technology, Engineers and physical scientists have the technological skills but lack the expertise in understanding sport

Engineering and Physical Scientist graduates
All the skills you have learnt becoming an engineer are highly valued in an increasingly technological sports industry. Your casual use of technological instruments and data handling and mining are highly sort in the sports industry. Going a bit deeper structural monitoring can help you design footwear. Circuit design and firmware programming can help you build the next generation of GPS monitors. And programming skills can turn gigabytes of performance data into something useful for coaches.

Sports Science Graduates
Every year Australian and overseas universities produce thousands of graduates all hoping to work in the sports industry in servicing roles, developmental or design of new equipment. Your training in working with the energetic systems of the body, with athletes and the designing an conducting of programmes to improve performance are all highly valued but are increasingly reliant on technology. This masters program will help you stand out from the pack by giving you the skills to meet the increasing reliance on technology in this industry. How to handle masses of data, understand the teechno jargon and when purchasing and using support equipment e.g. GPS monitors.

The masters programme itself will run for one year fulltime with specialist subjects in sports technology and relevant engineering and sports science content that compliment your foundation discipline. A research dissertation will ground your theoretical skills in project based learning through one of our elite sport or research partners. Additionally, you will learn how to keep up with oand contribute to technological advancements which is typical across many areas of science today

Goto to our website to register your interest http://sportsbioengineering.com

Dr. Daniel James

Queensland Sports Technology Cluster
Centre for Wireless Monitoring and Applications, Griffith University
Centre of Excellence for Applied Sport Science Research, Queensland Academy of Sport
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