Wireless sensor networks for human movement monitoring

Professor David Thiel

Wednesday 4th May
G23 1.21 Gold Coast campus Griffith University.

The Centre for Wireless Monitoring and Applications has research interests in human movement monitoring for health and sport applications. The sensors are predominantly inertial accelerometers and gyroscopes with microcontroller support for data logging, data transmission and data classification. The Centre has been responsible for the design, development, production, programming, testing and interpretation of data from these small, battery powered devices. This talk will review some of the challenges and successes of the technology in a variety of sports applications.

Professor David Thiel is the Director for Centre for Wireless Monitoring and Applications at Griffith University. He has active research interests in the fields of communications (smart antennas, wireless sensor networks, antenna measurements, RFID, antennas in difficult environments), electronics packaging (Circuits in Plastic, RoHS, WEEE compliance), electromagnetic modelling (Impedance method, inverse problems). He is currently Chair of the IEEE Wave Propagation Standards Committee, and a member of the IEEE Antennas Standards Committee.

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Light refreshments provided.
to Seminar Coordinator Dr V. Muthukkumarasamy for catering purposes. Cost: Free Lecture,
Telephone: (07) 5552 8256, Email: v.muthu


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