Sports engineering student prize from the International Association

Hi everyone,
I encourage this years 4th years student project students to apply for this award. Our previous entrant Jono Neville was the winner a few years ago and is now mid way through his PhD on work with the Brisbane Lions.

Whilst the prize is somewhat modest, it is quite prestigious to receive. I am happy to talk to anyone further about the process if thats helpful.


Sports Engineering Student Project Competition 2011
This competition is open to graduates from undergraduate and taught postgraduate degree programmes of years 2010 and 2011 at any institution of the higher education in the world, who have undertaken an individual project on a sports engineering topic.
Submission (may be made by student or tutor on behalf of the student)
This is in two stages: First stage deadline, 1 August 2011: submission of the abstract in English taken from the project report. Submissions should be sent to the following: A.N.Bramley. All candidates will be advised of the outcomes on or about the 1 September 2011. Short listed candidates will be invited to enter the second stage.
Second stage deadline, 1 October 2011: by invitation, submission of an electronic copy of the project report in English. Submissions should be sent to the following: A.N.Bramley. For submission greater than 2MB, a CD should be sent by post to Professor Alan N Bramley, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath, Bath BA2 7AY, UK. Final winners will be notified on or about the 1 November 2011
Judging: This will be carried by members of the Executive Committee of the ISEA. Judging criteria will be based on originality of the project, the quality of the work and its presentation.
Prizes: The first prize will be a certificate together with a cheque for £100 and full membership of the ISEA for one year. The second prize will be a certificate and full membership of the ISEA for one year.
For further information see the ISEA website at A.N.Bramley.
meDaniel James, Queensland Sports Technology Cluster

Centre for Wireless Monitoring and Applications, Griffith University
Centre of Excellence for Applied Sport Science Research, Queensland Academy of Sport
+61 (0)7 3735 5036 | +61 (0)7 3735 5384(f) | +61 (0)401 683 592 (m)
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