Next generation monitoring tools

Here’s a sneak peak at our zCore monitoring system and cradle. While the specs are respectable with gyroscopes, accelerometers and radio communications, what sets it apart is its real-time operating system heart, making it highly customisable without having to get your hands dirty with too much code. Accompanying the device is our ADAT toolbox for Matlab, which handles the radio communications for multiple zCores (including synchronisation) and an extensive library of processing tools for common filtering, event detection and an array of 3d visualisations for interpretation. Look for some papers at the upcominging Sports Technolgy conference about real time communications the ADAT toolbox and a real-time database plugin as well.

Big thanks to so many people including our past and present PhD students for coming up with the event detection routines in ADAT, RA’s Zac and Ray for the firmware and hardware design of zCore, Neeli for the packing and intern James for the communications cradle.

Yeah we know its not the prettiest device out their, but our research partners love it, because unlike a commercial device it can be fine tuned and added to fairly quickly.

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Centre for Wireless Monitoring and Applications, Griffith University
Centre of Excellence for Applied Sport Science Research, Queensland Academy of Sport
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