2010 at Mawson Station Antarctica” – Annual Midwinter Antarctica related Public Lecture: 1 2 noon Friday June 24 N25 0.06 All Welcome

Its not quite sports, but come and here long time centre member Peter Johnson’s most recent adventures in the Antarctic. Not only an accomplished scientist Peter also produces some of the finest amateur images and DVD’s of the Antarctic

Annual Midwinter Antarctica related Public Lecture
12 noon Friday June 24

Griffith University – Nathan campus, Science 1 building (N25) Room 0.06
All Welcome. No charge. No reservations required.
On-street metered parking See> www.griffith.edu.au/parking“2010 at Mawson Station Antarctica”
Abstract and Presenter

The presenter, Peter Johnson (PhD, Griffith University), has spent several winters at Australian bases in Antarctica providing technical support and services for meteorological and scientific weather monitoring and research activities at the stations and field facilities. Life and work at the station and on field trips is the topic of the presentation and the 2010 Mawson Station Video.

After the talk, former expeditioners (Antarctic and Arctic) and others (all welcome) gather to chat about all things expeditionary over lunch. This years’ post-talk lunch will be at Gs (restaurant) at Nathan campus at 1pm. I’ll need to make a booking so please let me know if you would like to reserve a seat at the table.

meDaniel James, Queensland Sports Technology Cluster

Centre for Wireless Monitoring and Applications, Griffith University
Centre of Excellence for Applied Sport Science Research, Queensland Academy of Sport
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“..and if the traveller is fortunate….the destination is two miles father away for every mile he or she travels”, G.Leonard


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