Sports Technology Prize in the IT Invention test

By way Mark from of Enterprise connect ( ) There is a Sports Technology prize at this years IT Invention test

see for details

“We are proud to have the Australian Institute of Sport – CSIRO Partnership as a sponsor of this year’s competition. As a result, we have one industry-based stream as part of the 2011 competition – being the ‘IT-based sports technology’ stream.

For this stream the judging panel is particularly interested in submissions that;

  • have relevance to athletes and their coaches going into a major event such as the London 2012 Olympics;
  • will have the biggest potential impact on the athlete’s performance (even though it may not necessarily have the biggest commercial potential), and;
  • may be an adaption of an existing product / service or a newly developed product / service.

The $5,000 cash prize for this stream is sponsored by the Australian Institute of Sport and CSIRO Partnership. Submissions for this stream will be eligible for all prizes.”


QSportsTechDaniel James, Queensland Sports Technology Cluster

Centre for Wireless Monitoring and Applications, Griffith University
Centre of Excellence for Applied Sport Science Research, Queensland Academy of Sport
+61 (0)7 3735 5036 | +61 (0)7 3735 5384(f) | +61 (0)401 683 592 (m)
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