Griffith IAP students wanted for 2012 Sports Technology Projects

Centre for Wireless Monitoring and Applications, Griffith University

IAP 2012 in Sports technology

One of the world’s emerging industries we are using mobile, web aware, RF, based small technolgies used in 90% of the worlds electronic products to make better, faster athletes and a healthier world.
For more information about the centres work and our national and international sporting partners


About Us
Our team of lecturers from the School of Engineering together sports researchers and PhD’s are working with Australia’s’ leading sporting teams and institutes. You’ll probably be based at Griffith University, Nathan campus on the next big thing we are preparing for industry

About You
If you are looking to coast through IAP, these projects are not for you. These are cutting edge research and at times open end, only limited by your dedication and imagination. Whatever your skills we want you!

Past IAP’s
With over 30 IAP placements in our centre, some of our students have gone on to do PhD’s, work as sports engineering here and abroad. Along the way they have picked up international awards for their projects. Our average students aren’t and average Distinctions or higher for their IAP.

The Projects
These IAP projects are key to our future investigations and often develop into something much bigger! . Ideally we’ll start you on preparation work over the summer vacation (sometimes we can swing a vacation scholarship) so that you are ready to hit the ground running for your IAP. Below is a brief synopsis of the projects, contact for more details.

Project 1: Triathlon sensor
This project will interface our existing swimming sensors with off the shelf logging technologies. Our aim is to add swim leg monitoring to cycle and run leg for triathlon. Key skills, firmware and a little hardware.

Contact: Dr Daniel JAMES N44 -1.11

Project 2: Real time sports monitoring with ANT+
Today gym equipment and portable movement monitors and our own ZCore soon use the ANT+ protocol. This project seeks to integrate new and novel technologies together using this protocol for real time assessment of athletes. (up to 2 placements)

Contact: Dr. David ROWLANDS N44-1.14

Project 3: Feature extraction of elite swimming biomechanics using wearable sensors.
This project is offered with our partner Keio University, JAPAN and will be supervised by Jim who will be based there for most of 2012. The university may financially support overseas IAP placements like this This project is our second longest running project in the centre (originally developed for the AIS). The project extends upon the work by monitoring the individual limbs and developing automated extraction algorythms for arm/leg power and co-ordination. Ideal for the DSP junkie, key skills Matlab.

Contact: Dr. Jim LEE N44 -1.12

Project 4: What else?
There is a lot going on, we may offer more projects, speak to one of us or ask around to find out more. Jump on line too!


QSportsTechDaniel James, Queensland Sports Technology Cluster

Centre for Wireless Monitoring and Applications, Griffith University
Centre of Excellence for Applied Sport Science Research, Queensland Academy of Sport
+61 (0)7 3735 5036 | +61 (0)7 3735 5384(f) | +61 (0)401 683 592 (m)
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