Join the International Sports Engineering Association for as little at 10 pounds

ImageDear current and new ISEA members:

I am writing to invite you to join or renew your membership in the ISEA for 2013. In order to encourage you to join early in the year, membership fees paid prior to or on January 31, 2013 will be £80 for full membership and £10 for student membership. After that date, membership fees will increase to £100 for full membership and £20 for student membership.

Get the joining form here Download 2013 Membership form (WORD format)


It was great to connect with so many of you at the 2012 conference in Lowell. Shortly after that conference, Lloyd Smith and I had the opportunity to visit Sheffield Hallam University and get a tour of the conference venue by the 2014 conference director, David James. The conference location is wonderful, as well as the number of sporting activities possible in the area. David will be making the official conference announcement early in 2013.

The ISEA has been working hard to get the Sports Engineering Journal back on its defined publication schedule and considered for ISI rating. Our editorial team, Martin Strangwood, Tom Allen and Simon Choppin have reinvigorated the journal by renewing the entire editorial board. Through 2012, the journal was published on schedule and the editorial team have submitted the application for ISI rating. This is a very exciting step for our journal. Building on this success, special issues and invited papers are planned for 2013, taking the journal to yet another level.

Springer, the publisher of the Sports Engineering Journal would like to add all ISEA member e-­‐mails to their contact list so that they can be alerted to new issues and other new related to the journal. Please indicate your preference on whether you want the ISEA to share your e-­‐mail address with Springer on your membership renewal form.

As you know, the ISEA Executive Committee (EC) is elected every two years with the changeover occurring at the ISEA Conference. Coincident with the new EC is the appointment of new subcommittee chairs. For the term of this EC, we did a bit of reorganization of the subcommittees to try to better organize our activities. In addition, the subcommittee chairs are all required to recruit at least two non-­‐EC members of the ISEA to join their subcommittee. Please contact a subcommittee chair if you are interested in participating. I am sure they will appreciate your help!




Subcommittee Publications

Conferences and Events Education/Accreditation




Journal oversight Textbook Newsletter

ISEA Conference Winter/Summer School

Support student mobility Develop/maintain database of sports engineering/technology programs Develop mechanisms for recognising student excellence
Student project competition Accreditation process

Drive membership growth Marketing
Website and Social networking Industry outreach

Executive committee election process ISEA Fellows election process

Lloyd Smith

Nicola Petrone Anton Sabo

Veit Senner

Alan Bramley

While in many cases there are overlaps between subcommittee efforts, here is a quick overview of recent activity.

The Publications subcommittee has just published the first edition of the ISEA Newsletter that will allow more frequent and interesting content to be delivered to our membership. The committee will of course welcome submissions from ISEA members.

The Conferences and Events subcommittee is organizing the call for proposals for the 2016 ISEA Conference and will host another edition of ISEA Winter School in March of 2013.

The Education/Accreditation subcommittee is currently building a database of sports engineering and technology academic programs from around the world.

The Membership subcommittee is working on many initiatives to improve communications with increased outreach via Internet and social media and delivery of valuable content to the membership.

The Nominations subcommittee managed the 2012 Executive Committee and ISEA Fellows process, and will spring into action again closer to the 2014 conference.

Pam Wheen continues as the ISEA Administrative Officer. She is based at Sheffield University. Should you have any questions for Pam, or need help with your membership renewal, she can be contacted at ISEA-­

Finally, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries about the ISEA with which you think I may be able to help.

Wishing you all a great holiday season and a wonderful 2013! Best regards,

Kim B. Blair, Ph.D. President ISEA


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