Sports Engineering Newsletter from Nov 2012

ISEA Newsletter Vol1 Issue1 Nov 2012.pdf (1 page)Welcome to the first edition of the ISEA newsletter. Over the past several months, the Executive Committee has been discussing a number of issues, but none more important than how the ISEA can have a more frequent and meaningful dialog with the membership. This newsletter is one initiative to increase that dialog.

The ISEA is as strong as it has ever been. Our membership now exceeds 300 members, with growth in the regular and student member numbers. The Sports Engineering Journal has returned to its planned publication schedule and with the expansion of the editorial team and a fresh editorial board it is poised to raise standard for scholarly publications in our field.

The conference in Lowell was a success. I had the opportunity to visit the conference venues at Sheffield Hallam earlier this fall and I am looking forward to the 2014 conference to be hosted there. The ISEA Winterschool was a success from its inception and will happen again in 2013.

Many of us noted the uptick in interest in sports engineering
and technology as a result of the London Olympics. The media contacted me on several occasions to provide insight into the role of technology in sport. What I found most inter- esting was a pair of events that I, along with several other ISEA members, attended in London during the Paralympics. Both events focused on the intersection of sports, medi- cine and technology. What struck me as I attended those events was that sports engineer- ing and technology has reached a very important milestone. For years, sports engineering and technology looked to borrow inventions and innovations from other industries. Over the past few years, there are more and more instances where sports engineers are devel- oping new technology that result in innovations being adapted in other industries. This is a wonderful development for our profession, and hopefully this will result in sports engineers achieving their rightful status amongst other engineering disciplines.

Another milestone for the ISEA is the establishment of the ISEA Fellow designation to be conferred upon ISEA members who have made significant contributions to the field of sports engineering during their careers. Professor Mont Hubbard and Professor Steve Haake are the inaugural ISEA Fellows. It was a great honour to recognize their accom- plishments in Lowell.

As I’ve stated at the past two ISEA conferences, the ISEA belongs to the membership, not to the Executive Committee. I hope that you will reach out to us to make suggestions, vol- unteer to help with new and ongoing initiatives, and to just stay in touch.


Read the rest of the newsletter here  ISEA Newsletter Vol1 Issue1 Nov 2012


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