Sports Technology fund of $1.5M


Professional sports are becoming well organised in developing apps, says John Wylie. Photo: Andrew De La Rue (Financial Review)

Its early days yet, but the Financial Review reports on a Sports Technology fund from the Australian Sports Commission of $1.5M. It seems Sports Technology is growing up!

(From the Financial Review full story)

John Stensholt reports…

Australian Sports Commission chairman and prominent Melbourne businessman John Wylie is enthusiastically showing off his iPad.

But the managing director of Lazard Australia, who is one of the country’s most powerful investment bankers, isn’t talking about following the financial markets or merger and acquisition deals on his tablet.

Rather, he’s discussing the merits of the cricket coaching app he uses as coach of an under-14s cricket team. The app allows the user to record vision of someone playing a certain cricket shot like the cut, pull or hook. The vision can then be synchronised to play on a split-screen alongside vision of a famous Australian player playing the same shot.


The ASC has a competitive innovation funding pool, where sports will tender for $1.5 million annual funding for technology-related initiatives designed to boost coaching or on-field performance.

Wylie says the smartphone apps are a great example of where the innovation funding could be used.

“We think there is a big opportunity across a wide range of sports for the ASC to effectively promote these things,” he says.

“And to provide some seed funding to see that happen and to effectively act as a seed funder, promoter and clearing house.”


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