Sports Technology comes of Age in Queensland

ASTN Queensland 2013

ASTN Queensland 2013

Queensland Sports Technology Cluster, The Queensland Academy of Sport(CoE) and Griffith University(CWMA) hosted the inaugural meeting of the Queensland node of the Australian Sports Technologies Network. The event was well supported with 70 attendees from academia, sports institutes, industry and many levels of government. See some photos on Facebook (more to come)

In many ways the day was a formalisation of the coming of age for Sports Technology in Queensland. The event was opened by Bennett King (director of the QAS) and our first keynote was by the Queensland Chief Scientist Geoff Garrett who treated us to the core values and important of Science, its nexus with sport in the nations psyche and his insights into how we can develop further. Craig Hill then introduced the recently formed Australian Sports Technologies Network and outlined its role in developing a voice and acting as an advocate for Sports Technologies in Australia. Yours truly provided an overview of the explosive growth of Sports Technology internationally, the importance of being grounded in Sport and working in partnerships, and how this has steadily developed in the last 10 years locally.

Following this Brisbane based  Fusion Sport (a national leader in the Sports Technology industry) talked about their history in the industry, the importance of being product focused and shared a little of their emerging products. David Fleming from Populous then regaled us with a tour de force of Stadium design, and quickly painted the picture of the stadiums of the future (that are actually here now) with fully integrated, social media personalised experiences to bring the viewer out of their ‘media cave’ and back into the live sporting environment for the full experience. Hunter Walkenhorst, amidst a standup routine, brought us quickly to the commercial realities of commercialisation, strategies for avoiding the valley of death and embracing the business canvas, rather than business plans.

All too soon lunch rolled around and it was time to wander amongst almost 20 posters of research and product development representing snapshots of Sports Technology being undertaken locally. The accompanying papers were published in the reviewed Proceedings of the ASTN 1(1), 2012 (See Proceedings of the ASTN 1(1) 2013). From amongst these our judging panel had the very challenging task of selecting a number of awards that were presented later.

After lunch former Olympian Sue Hopper, now director of the Queensland Academy of Sports’, Centre of Excellence for Applied Sports Science, reminded us that in fact we were on the site of the 1982 Commonwealth Games and now looking ahead to the forth coming Commonwealth Games in 2018, just an hour down the road at the Gold Coast. She presented the wide potential for Sports technology to play in the lead up to these upcoming games. Following this Dr Caroline Riot and Jeff Greenhill somehow captured and steered the excitement of the day with an engaging workshop and planning session for the future.

All to soon MC Prof.David Thiel (Griffith University) brought us to the final session of the day. Best paper awards were presented to

  • Best Sports Engineering Award, International Sports Engineering Association

Stewart Williams, “A fully instrumented and dynamically adjustable stationary bike for optimisation of biomechanical efficiency ”

  • Best High Performance Sport Award, Sponsor Queensland Academy of Sport

Jonathan Neville, ” Monitoring Athlete Workload: Combining Sensor Technologies in Field Team Sports”,

  • Most Commercial Potential Award, Sponsor Queensland Sports Technology Cluster

Jason Ride, ” Towards Dynamic Visualisation: Interactive Analysis via the Cloud”,

Prof. Joe Baker, Queensland luminary closed the proceedings with reflections not just on the day but on each of the speakers contributions, revealing at each step in the day his dismay and delight in learning something new and exhorting us all to press on!


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