Using technology for quantifying impact events in sport

PhD Confirmation Seminar

runningbiomechanicsviconPlease come an join William as he undertakes the confirmation of his PhD candidature, with an update and directions for his current research.

Title: Using technology for quantifying impact events in sport

William Gageler

Sports and Biomedical Engineering Programme,

Centre for Wireless Monitoring and Applications

Griffith University Nathan Campus

N34 0.02 10am

Friday May 10th


Studies surrounding the accuracy in GPS for field based sports monitoring have shown them to be inaccurate over changing speeds and non-linear running. While most sports monitoring GPS devices also record accelerometer data, this data is often underutilized.

The goal of this project is to use inertial sensor data to examine ground contacts and athlete impacts in sport and to develop tools capable of automatically detecting the occurrence and severity of these impacts. Through this project it is hoped to gain a greater understanding of the forces and strain these impacts place on the body as well as to develop tools to assist in athlete monitoring of sport related impacts.

To date examination of rapid run-to-walk transitions has been undertaken with the results displaying the effects on peak ground impact accelerations and shock attenuation for the various body segments. Future work is planned in the area of automatic jump detection and feature extraction with preliminary findings proving promising.


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