Public Lecture: Wearables – edge of the boom. Nov 5th Brisbane Square Library. RSVP Now!



Join Dr David Rowlands, Deputy Director of Griffith’s Sports and Biomedical Engineering Lab, SABEL, to discuss the emergence of wearable technology over the last 10 years, from the realm of elite athletes to a mass consumer In a wide ranging discussion we will delve into how wearable technology works and how the shrinking of sensors and the coupling of smart devices has set the scene for an explosion of technologies in the next five years.
Lastly Dr Rowlands will introduce our special guest Judd Armstrong, CEO of Jaybird, to present SABEL labs’ involvement with the new leading edge activity tracker the Jaybird Reign to be launched in the US in late October. Ranking #8 just behind Go-Pro for fastest growing consumer brand over $20 million in revenue, Jaybird is a leading edge technology company and Judd is perfectly situated to give his industry perspective on the future of wearable technology.


 Wearable Technology: The edge of the BOOM!

WHEN: Wednesday 5 November
TIME: 5.30 – 7.00pm networking drinks and canapes after event
VENUE: Brisbane Square Library
BOOKING: Seat reservations required

Dr David Rowlands Deputy Director of Griffith's SABEL Labs

Dr David Rowlands is the Deputy Director of SABEL and has been involved in sports and biomedical research for the last 10 years with his areas of interest including sports technology, biomedical technology, and ubiquitous/wearable computing. His research has been applied to sports such as tennis, cricket, AFL, swimming, running, and soccer to monitor athletes with the purpose of developing training aids to improve performance.

SABEL is an enterprise and research laboratory at Griffith University in Brisbane. The lab has extensive experience in developing wearable technologies to enhance sports performance, as tools for health and in providing R&D services to the professional sports and consumer industries.



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