SABEL’s film shoot by Kristin Corley

jono-bbc-clickBecoming increasingly well known for their local and international research, and development within the elite sports and consumer sporting market, SABEL Labs have recently captured the attention of BBC technology program, Click.

With a reach of over 80 million viewers, a feature on Click is a significant exposure win for SABEL.

Filming at the Queensland Academy of Sport and Griffith University, the visit from BBC highlighted SABEL’s most recent collaboration with global giant, Jaybird.

Ranking #8, just behind Go-Pro, for fastest growing consumer brands over $20 million in revenue, the commercial collaboration with Jaybird is an exciting leap for the research group.

SABEL’s team of researchers have played a pivotal role in developing the leading knowledge behind Raybird Reign – a new wearable technology, ready for launch to the international market on November 1st.

jump-test It’s this intricate knowledge, research and expertise in sports technology that captured the attention of BBC Click.

Speaking to the program from the Queensland Academy of Sport, Jono Neville, a member of the SABEL Research team, elaborated on the value of commercial research collaborations. “Research in a University environment can often stay as research to assist future studies. In this instance, our partnership with Jaybird brings together our knowledge, algorithms and research outcomes and packages it in a market-ready application”.

With Jaybird promising to understand the needs of every day consumers, SABEL’s technical contribution to the product means end-users can now link meaningful experience, knowledge and ownership around their daily activities.


As Nick Kwek, Producer for BBC Click noted, SABEL’s research means consumers will now “have a smart coach in their pocket”.

With a follow-up visit with the BBC scheduled in 2015, the SABEL team is motivated to leverage the exposure and further promote their knowledge and research outcomes in sports technology.

Jono Neville summed up the achievement perfectly. “It’s a great feeling to see our work out there, knowing everyday people will benefit from the research we’ve done.”

To learn more about SABEL’s collaboration with Jaybird, join us on Wednesday 5 November for a Public Lecture co-hosted between Dr David Rowlands (SABEL) and Mr Judd Armstrong (CEO, Jaybird).


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