Congratulations Prof. Thiel, Sports Engineering gets a leg up from 30 years of Innovation at Griffith University

david-thielWe love sports engineering here at Griffith Univesity, we’ve been doing it long enough we didn’t even know we could call it that when we got stared. Early on we’ve hear the naysayers ‘Sport and Engineering….yeah but its not real Engineering’ but carried on regardless and now its quite well know (See top 50 thinkers in Queensland). We’d been researching in biomedical engineering for many years and in the early 2000’s had through a cooperative research centre the opportunity to work with sport at the elite level and produce a few new sports technologies along the way. It turns the programme leader Prof David Thiel also founded Engineering at Griffith University just a decade earlier….thats innovation for you! We built the bulk of our sports engineering work from this electronics and micro electronics engineering. It turns out that the IEEE was founded in Queensland just a decade earlier than tht, also by Prof Thiel who was recently honored for this achievement. Congratulations on you ourstanding overnight successes,  just 30 years in the making  Prof. Thiel

More on the IEEE (one of the worlds largest Engineering bodies) and David Thiel s Award

On the 18th February Prof David Thiel was recognised by the IEEE Queensland section as the Foundation Chair. in 1984 David gathered 120 signatures (posted envelopes with stamps!)  from IEEE members in Queensland and petitioned IEEE HQ (on his dot matrix [printer) to set  up the Queensland Section. In 1985 the Section was created and Prof Miles Moody became the inaugural Chair. Since that time the Section has expanded to 1200 members with 10 different Chapters . Further details are available at


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