SABEL Sense turns 1!

SABEL-Sense_rayIt was about a year ago that through an Enterprise Innovation fund at Griffith University we were able to crystallise a decade of research and *cough* mistakes into a modular, flexible inertial sensor module, together with an accompanying toolbox for Matlab (with video tools etc..). Somewhere between a research prototype and finished product SABEL Sense was something sufficiently finished to enable trialing of ideas and applications to sports and health, yet not so constrained that it couldn’t be customised readily. To date we have formed partnerships with over 7 universities and used SABEL Sense internally on a host of PhD and IAP (our version of honours research projects) as well as to develop solutions for a mass market fitness sensor (see the partnership with Jaybird).

Earlier this year we sat down to map the way forward and have now locked Ray in the dungeon to work on some addons including a GPS module, a bioamplifier (for EMG and ECG), wireless range extension, high rate sensors and also maybe even give the micro a bit more power too.

Keep up the good work Ray!

Find out more about SABEL Sense 


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