Stomp Pad launch, Geelong



One of the creative minds behind the development of the BoxTag system was former CSIRO materials engineering expert Richard Helmer, who appaarently also plays a mean guitar as well. In a weeks or so’s time Richard’s company Superactive launches Stomp Pads crowd funding campaign down Geelong way. So if you like sports tech (we reckon stomping is sport), having a beer (regarded as a *cough* mainstream sport in Australia too) and want to hear some cool tunes, see if you can get along, here’s a sneak preview …

Stomp Pad…a small step for musicians… a giant leap for sound!

Made from the latest e-textile technology, Stomp Pad lets you toe tap big beats through your mobile device, whether you are rocking out on stage or jamming at home.

for all the details see


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