SABEL Education’s “Experience Day” at Griffith University

SABEL-education-hugoLast week, as a part of  Griffith University’s  “Experience Griffith 2015” we offered an abridged SABEL Education workshop.
Experience Griffith is a practical and engaging way for secondary school students to get a taste of life as a university student. During the event, students took part in a full day program that included interest area sessions and interactive activities.
One of such activities was offered through the School of Engineering and it was called:
Wearable technology. “How much energy do you really use?
– Measure your activity with our body sensors.
– Find out how wearable technology works and what this means for the future of sports”.
This was the activity description in which 13 students participated in. At the beginning of the activity, a SABEL sense sensor was placed on each student’s wrist or ankle, then the Engineering Ambassadors Adrianna Rassias and Jasmijn Westerveld (undergraduate students of Electronics Engineering) gave students a tour around the campus, visiting the electronics labs, the engineering buildings, library, etc., including light physical/sports movements in between. Once back in SABEL labs, we downloaded the sensor data and provided students with an interpretation of their movements, such as walking, running, throwing a ball, etc., based on the sensor’s accelerometer analysis.
SABEL-educationThis is one of the engaSABEL-education-gait-analysis-workshopging education activities run by SABEL labs, so keep posted for upcoming events and contact Hugo for more information.

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