Post Doc in Ireland in wearables

This just in from  Alumni of the lab Amin Ahmadi. who’s working over in Ireland now…maybe you’d like to join him!



Post-Doctoral Researcher in Body Sensor Network for Motion Capture and Analysis
Post Duration: Fixed term contract (One Year)

“Wearable technologies have been identified as the next great challenge in the Data Analytics revolution presenting the challenge not only of extracting useful information from large amounts of raw data, but of doing so in real-time in order to provide timely contextual feedback. This project presents an opportunity to proactively translate research expertise of networked wearable inertial sensors and pervasive computing, combined with a deep understanding of sports biomechanics, into a commercially relevant technology platform for sports performance. The focus of this project is to use off-the-shelf inertial sensors and develop a platform using wearable inertial sensors to monitor a tennis player’s technique to provide real time feedback on a tennis court for both enhancing performance and preventing/managing injury.”

Closing Date: Friday 10th July, 2015
Further information on the above position, including the job description, is available from

Application procedure

Applications should include a CV and covering letter and be submitted with the application form as outlined below.

Application forms are available from the DCU Current Vacancies (open Competitions) website at and also from the Human Resources Department, Dublin City University, Dublin 9. Tel: 353 (0) 1 7005149.
Applications should be submitted by email to or by Fax: +353 (0)1 7005500, or by post to the Human Resources Department, Dublin City University, Dublin 9.


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