Guest Lecture: Performance assessment of Swimming and Water Exercise Friday October 9th N78 -1.11 Nathan Campus, Griffith University

yuji-ohgiPerformance assessment of Swimming and Water Exercise
A/Prof Yuji Ohgi, Keio University, Japan (Honourary Member SABEL Labs)
SABEL Labs Guest Lecture
Friday October 9th 1pm
N78 -1.11
Sir Samuel Griffith Centre,
Griffith University
Nathan Campus
Qld 4111
We are delighted to have long time collaborator and colleague visit SABEL Labs in early October. Yuji will speak about his current directions in using technology to assess swimming and water exercise in both the sports and rehabilitation context. Yuji was an early adopter of inertial sensors for sports analysis and presented probably the first international paper on swimming using this technology, more recently he has used video and motion capture systems as well.
It is ten years just gone since we met Yuji at a Sports Technology conference and in addition to a number o stafff exchanges between our laboratories we have enjoyed each others company and hospitality ever since.
Yuji OHGI received a PhD from Keio University after completing a masters and undergraduate degree at the university of Tsukuba in Sports and Health Sciences. Currently an Associate professor he is the editor in chief of the Japanese Society of Science in Swimming and Water Exercise. A former member of the JOC and coaching staff for the Atlanta games he pioneered the use of inertial sensors in swimming and other sporting applications.
He currently heads a spin out company in Japan as well as leading a collaborative effort between Japanese hi-tech firms to create a single chip monitoring solution. He holds a number of national (Japan) and international patents in sports technology and has published extensively in the Japanese and international literature.

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