PM visits CDU

SABEL Alumni Dr James Lee helped host PM Turnbull today at Charles Darwin University. Maybe I should have stuck around for a few extra days. Well done Jim, hows the sports tech innovation fund coming along ūüėČ

Jim's Sports Lab

Today the CDU EHSE faculty’s Information Technology hosted an IT Code Fair. It showcased their student’s work. On display were coded work from undergrad through to postgrad.  This was judged by industry representatives with awards given on the day. The work was varied and covered many areas where IT now contributes to society. The IT department organised the fair with Barbara White and Rebecca England the main drivers. Their coupe was to attract the Australian Prime Minister, the right honourable Malcolm Turnbull. This caused a buzz in the crowd as few realised he was a guest. Prime Minister Turnbull was introduced by Barbara and he awarded prizes to the winner and runners up. This was followed by a speech where the PM highlighted the importance of IT as a way of the future and the need to embrace and foster it.  Little to say this has been the case within sport…

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Dan has been working with technology ever since he discovered he had opposable thumbs. Along the way he worked in sports technology, radio physics, glaciology, IT, banking, cognitive psychology and sports science. Before parenthood took over he enjoyed playing classical music, adventure sports and dabbling in martial arts. Today AFK finds him camping and wrestling with his boys.

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