Getting the ball rolling: Sports Engineers + Sports Architects a winning combination.

After meeting a couple of the team members from Populous (a world-wide leader in Sports Architecture) at the inaugural ASTN sports technology showcase they invited me to come down to their office and chat to the team about all things sports engineering. Architects and engineers are peas in a pod so why not sports engineers and sports architects?

populous talk

They have a really impressive working space down in the Brisbane CBD and as soon as you walk through the door you are hit by a great design atmosphere. It is quite easy to see how they come up with such innovate designs when you meet the team and see the passion they have for their field. Over some food and a lunch time beverage the presentation I prepared was bound to go well. By the end of the talk we were bouncing ideas off each other, talking about all things design, technology, and of course sport.

It was great to chat to the team and expand the networks and meet like minded professionals. We live in such an interconnected world were increasingly resources are being shared. As sports technology demands such a wide skill set working in multidisciplinary teams is, and will continue to become standard practice – allowing companies to innovate, grow, and prosper. Going forward I can imagine working with Sports Architects a lot more closely to achieve the common goal of sporting innovation.

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About Jonathan Shepherd

I have always been captivated by the theatre of sport and the pursuit for participants to achieve better. My research area focuses on creating and implementing biofeedback technologies to shape, enhance and optimise the acquisition of motor skills. My research is applied at enhancing elite sport to enable heightened performance, improve athlete safety, improve rehabilitation and increase mass participation.

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