SABEL at Wearable Tech in Sport Summit Feb 22-23 Melbourne

Wearable_Tech_in_Sport_Summit__MelbourneHi Everyone,

A while back we were invited to speak at the upcoming Wearable tech in Sport  summit in Melbourne. Its on at the Hilton and is running in parallel with the Sports Analytics Innovation Summit and is running for 2 days Feb 22-23 Melbourne.  It looks like it has a good mix of industry, sports and academics. From up at Griffith in Queensland we’ll also have David Lloyd from our Musculoskeletal research centre speaking on the next level of inverse modelling of joint forces for rehab and James Novak  from the industrial design speaking on how advanced manufacturing is customising sports equipment of the future. The conference organisers were happy to pass on a registration discount. if that helps twist your arm to come.

Looking forward to catching up with a few colleagues near and far.








2 thoughts on “SABEL at Wearable Tech in Sport Summit Feb 22-23 Melbourne

  1. James Novak

    Thanks for the mention Dan, I’m looking forward to showing off my latest top secret project (3D prints currently in transit from the USA) and seeing what you and others are working on at the moment 🙂


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