Presentation: Technology and frameworks for Skill acquisition, Thurs 25th Feb 1pm, Brisbane

Great_careers_-_A_bright_future_in_Sports___Biomedical_Engineering_-_YouTubeCome and hear Jonathan Shepherd give a presentation on his doctoral work (and confirmation) in using technology for skill acquisition

“A technological implementation framework for aiding motor skill acquisition interventions for both performance and learning outcomes”

Jonathan Shepherd, Doctoral Research Candidate

Centre of Excellence for Applied Sport Science Research, Queensland Academy of Sport & Sport and Biomedical Engineering Laboratories (SABEL), Griffith University, Nathan Campus, Brisbane. Qld

Thursday 25th February, 1pm

N78_-1.23  (lower level), Sir Samuel Griffith Building

Griffith University, Nathan Campus



It is widely agreed that the acquisition of motor skills is fundamental to our human existence. The learning processes that drive skill acquisition are individualistic and are based upon practice and feedback. To facilitate this acquisition process technology is increasingly used to augment feedback and instruction. The adoption of these technological innovations is increasing however there is disconnect between these technological interventions and a detailed understanding of how to use technology to best instruct a learner. Without careful consideration of the learning processes these interventions may be counterproductive to skill acquisition and possibly be detrimental to performance. Therefore there is a need for a framework to guide skill acquisition interventions.

This PhD candidature is multidisciplinary and falls at the intersection of engineering design, technology and skill acquisition and proposes a skill acquisition intervention implementation framework. It is envisaged that this framework could be used by people developing technology to target skill acquisition, or to assist learning facilitators, and/or the learners themselves to optimise the skill acquisition process.


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