SPORTS ENGINEER’S APPRENTICE, March 12th World Science Festival

LogoEverything you wanted to know about sports engineering but were afraid to ask. Come and give it a try on Saturday March the 12th as a part of the World Science Festival, being held for the first time outside of the US.
The Workshop
Do you know how much energy you use in a normal day? Find out how wearable sensor technology (accelerometers and gyroscopes) works and what this means for the future of sports. SABEL Labs has developed some of Australia’s leading wearable sports technologies that measure the physics of body movement. Apprentices will wear a sensor that will record their movements, download the data, calibrate it, and interpret it using a graphical user interface.
This workshop is presented by Dr. Hugo Espinosa, Lecturer in Electronic Engineering at Griffith University and Researcher at SABEL Sports and Biomedical Engineering Laboratory, Griffith University. He leads the education program of SABEL Labs. Hugo is an active researcher in the fields of Computational modelling and Human monitoring using wearable sensor technology. He holds a PhD from the Technical University of Catalonia, Spain, in Electrical Engineering. Some of his research projects include video digitising interfaces for monitoring arm rotation of cricket bowlers, analysis of energy expenditure of swimmers using accelerometers and educational engagement activities using inertial sensors.

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