MathWorks Seminar: Intelligent Analytics of Sensor Data

When you add coffee, br1eakfast, and sensors analytics you are bound to attract our attention so yesterday morning the SABEL team (that weren’t tied up with teaching) headed down to the Marriott Hotel for a MathWorks seminar.

The presentation was right up our alley – focused on utilising MATLAB for sensor data analytics, something most of us here do day in day out.  The first session was a presentation taking a big picture look at sensor data interaction and the ways MATLAB can be used. The second was a deeper exploration into MATLAB even with an example into human kinetic activity classification using inertial sensors – it’s like they knew we were coming. We were all pretty impressed with MATLABS’s capabilities for operating on mobile devices too.


The session was terrific both in terms of content and the way MathWorks Principle Applications Engineer, Daryl Ning delivered it. We even scored some MATLAB branded merchandise (a hat and shirt) for our efforts in answering a couple of  questions. Another great part of these events is the terrific opportunity to touch base and network with other like-minded professionals that are based here in Brisbane and share our common passions. We all had a great morning and we are really looking forward to the next MathWorks session.


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