World Science Festival: Sports Engineers Apprentice Workshop

Last week we opened up the doors to SABEL labs with Dr. Hugo Espinosa and PhD student Jonathan Shepherd running the Sports Engineer’s Apprentice program as a part of the World Science Festival.5_WSF

The workshop on Wearable Technology gave participants a taste into the world of Sports Engineering research and a closer look at inertial sensors using our SABELSense package. The session started with an  overview presentation about our research and a brief introduction into inertial sensors, then we showed participants how to calibrate the sensors and finally we dived right into taking a few measurements.


We wanted the participants to get the most out of the session so we filled the labs with an array of sporting kit from hula hoops and boxing bags to cricket gear and road bikes and let the participants conceptualise and explore the activity and the data outputs they were interested in. The session led to a variety of really interesting conversations and we think the participants took away a new appreciation for wearable sensors and sports engineering as a whole.

3_WSFFrom our eyes the World Science Festival was a tremendous success. It was great to see the streets of Brisbane bustling with all things science and the program really had something for everyone. It was great to be included in the festival program and we are looking forward to this event hitting Brisbane again next year!



Special thanks to Alice Fleetwood, Matt Metcalf, Paul Jithu and Michael Kok who contributed to the success of this event.



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