RECAP: ASTN Queensland Node Event

Last night the Queensland node of the ASTN hosted the event titled ‘Innovations in Human Performance Technologies’ which was held at the Queensland Academy of Sport. panelThe event went along terrifically. SABEL’s own Dan James kicked off proceedings with an introduction into the Queensland sports tech industry giving a great snapshot of the research and industry achievements within the state gave a update to all things concerned with the ASTN.

The audience was treated to talks by Laurie Malone from Vald Performance, Des Jacobsen chatted about his company Oar Inspired  and finally Industrial Designer and PhD Candidate James Novak talked about his work in the sports tech world (you can check out his awesome 3D printing blog –  here).


After this the presenters along with sport science legend Allan Hahn jumped up for a panel discussion. It was great to hear their opinions on the Australian sports tech scene, their candid and honest advice in what they have done well and what they would do differently and giving great suggestions for how we as a Queensland node and more broadly speaking as the ASTN can do to boost the Australian Sports Technology Industry as a whole.


It was a great event all around. Each event and each year that goes by the ASTN community continues to grow and showcase new ideas and projects. It’s great to see the drive and the passion for boosting this industry we all love from research, industry and applied perspectives.


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About Jonathan Shepherd

I have always been captivated by the theatre of sport and the pursuit for participants to achieve better. My research area focuses on creating and implementing biofeedback technologies to shape, enhance and optimise the acquisition of motor skills. My research is applied at enhancing elite sport to enable heightened performance, improve athlete safety, improve rehabilitation and increase mass participation.

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