Seminar announcement TODAY!: Enhancing the human experience with 4d design

James Novak Confirmation.jpgCome and hear SABEL Industrial Designer James Novak give a seminar on “A study of 4D products within ubiquitous computing and their potential to enhance human experiences”.

James’ work has a lot of overlap with Sports technology and he’s built a few interesting exemplars along the way too.

It’s be on at Griffiths Southbank Campus at the Queensland College of Art Room S07 1.23 from 3pm on May 19th (thats today and very sorry for the late notice). Find a map here


James Novak’s confirmation will explore field of ubiquitous computing which is experiencing rapid growth and represents a broader shift in automation that is driving global change and challenging numerous professions including Industrial Design. The aim of his study is to explore the notion of 4D products, a product category which is yet to be defined or discussed in any meaningful way in academic literature. Large research institutes have been developing products that fit within such a definition, changing their form and function autonomously using sensors and actuators operating in a continuous state of flux. There is therefore a need to understand why such product designs are emerging, and how they represent a changing relationship between humans, objects and computers. James’ study is informed by practice-led research, and will demonstrate through practical outputs the contributions made thus far to the research community in this field, and the direction of future developments


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