Sports Technology at Griffith – A little promo piece on SABEL from our University

Griffith University Research with Impact SABEL Labs.pngHere’s a little article Griffith University wrote on SABEL Labs and our work over the last decade ( It’s certainly been a lot of fun and we are looking forward to where the next 10 years takes us. The work is due in no small part to our postgraduate students,  post docs and staff , collaborators from the QAS/AIS,  other sports organisations like the ASTN and university partners around the globe. We are really excited to be helping host the International Sports Engineering Conference in Brisbane in 2018 (, after a long association with the ISEA its exciting to be playing a role in the international community in this way.

ISEA 2018 conference, Brisbane Australia

Here are some of the thesis projects :

Andy Stamm, Velocity and arm symmetry investigations in freestyle swimming using accelerometry: Data collection, analysis and feature extraction, 2012

Ajay Sarkar, Bat swing analysis in cricket, 2013

Yahya T. Qassim, FPGA: Design and Implementation of wavelet coherence signals for EEG signals, 2013

Jono Neville, Application of GPS and inertial motion units to elite AFL athletes, 2014

James Lee, The Use of Inertial Sensor Technology to Assess Gait Characteristics, 2010

Alan Lai, Applications of accelerometers in the sport of rowing, 2011

Amin Ahmadi, using MEMS inertial sensors to monitor and assess the performance of tennis serve, 2010

Jason Harding, Technological performance assessment innovation for elite-level snowboarding, 2010

Andrew Wixted, In-situ athlete monitoring: data collection, interpretation and feature extraction, 2007

Adrian Diery, Novel applications of the wavelet transform for analysis of P waves in clinical ECG recordings

Matthew Fraser, Innovative techniques for extending the range and node limits in Bluetooth based wireless sensor networks, 2006
Neil Davey, Acquisition and analysis of aquatic stroke data from an accelerometer based system, 2004


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