Griffith’s Human Technologies research retreat

presenting.JPGYesterday was our second research retreat for the year from the Griffith School of Engineering, focused on Human Technologies (See our previous one here run in conjunction with the Australian Sports Technologies network), known as the imaginative title of ‘Theme 3’ to those in the know (who says engineers aren’t creative). The intent was to have a gathering of researchers from within the school, across the Nathan and Gold coast campuses to share what we have been up to  and to facilitate some cross pollination. We were delighted to have guests from the Arts group and Health group present as well which helped at to the diversity of the mix, as well as collaborators from as far as Charles Darwin University. Presentations were kept to short duration to allow time for a fabulous seafood buffet at the Sheraton’s Marina Resort at the Gold Coast as well as an opportunity to engage in casual conversation.

The talks varied from sensors, 3D printing, sports applications, medical applications, electromagnetic modelling, computer systems, strain monitoring and the use and development of novel materials. Significant discussions points included the how’s and need to engage more with industry, changes to the funding of research in the school and methods to think lean with the seed and casual seed funding schemes available within the school.

All of the talks will be published shortly in a short book on ‘Human Technologies’ so stay tuned for that. Here is the programme as a little taster of its contents.


Engineering Research Theme 3 Retreat – Enabling Technologies in Sport and Health (“Human Technologies”)

 Date: Thursday, 17 November 2016

Location: Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, Gold Coast, 71 Sea World Drive, Main Beach, Gold Coast QLD 4217 Australia

Chairs: Andreas Oeschsner, Daniel James

Daniel James: Innovation Strategies for Technologists Engaged in Sports and Health Applications.

Andreas Oechsner : Research in the Triangle of School of Engineering, School of Medical Sciences, and the GC Hospitals.

Hugo Espinosa : The smart ball project: Planned Activities and Challenges (seed funded project).

Huaizhong Li : Non-destructive detection of defects in composite structures – technology and applications (seed funded project).

Daniel James ): Active drag for swimmers: Methodologies for demand pull research and innovation in sport (seed funded project).

Raymond Leadbetter : Platform technologies and visualisation tools for sensors in sport and health applications.

David Rowlands : Optimising for power in Wearables.

Andrew Seager: Microwave Imaging for Biomedical Applications.

Toan Dinh : Low-cost flexible device for non-invasive and wearable.

Dzung Dao : Novel Bite Force Sensing System.

Jonathan Shepherd : Assessing the impact of integrating IMU wearable technology in an elite netball training environment for performance analysis.

James Novak: Designers Don’t Text – They Visualise: Integrating Coding into the University Design Curriculum.

Claudio Pizzalato: Real-time estimation of musculoskeletal tissue loading using EMG-informed models

Sam Gleadhill : Modelling resistance exercise lifting technique with inertial sensors: Knee extension during deadlifts.

Leonhard Hitzler : Progress of metal based additive manufacturing towards the wide implementation in the oral health sector.

Zia Javanbakht ): Using inverse finite element to characterise soft tissues.

Maksym Rybachuk : Fused Deposition Modeling of 3D Parts Using Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Polymer (seed funded project).

David Thiel : The Research Environment in the School and Centers



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