Griffith’s Human Technologies research retreat revisited

Cursor_and_Main_R3_pdf__page_1_of_42_.pngIn case you missed the Human Technologies research retreat, here is a handy proceedings of some of the papers there. Many thanks to all contributors and a special shoutout to Zia Javanbakht as our lead editor. download the PDF human-technologies-2016-update  human-technologies-2016. Or try our publications archive on our university server. Human Technologies, Proceedings of the Griffith Engineering school research retreat, Nov 2016

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presenting.JPGYesterday was our second research retreat for the year from the Griffith School of Engineering, focused on Human Technologies (See our previous one here run in conjunction with the Australian Sports Technologies network), known as the imaginative title of ‘Theme 3’ to those in the know (who says engineers aren’t creative). The intent was to have a gathering of researchers from within the school, across the Nathan and Gold coast campuses to share what we have been up to  and to facilitate some cross pollination. We were delighted to have guests from the Arts group and Health group present as well which helped at to the diversity of the mix, as well as collaborators from as far as Charles Darwin University. Presentations were kept to short duration to allow time for a fabulous seafood buffet at the Sheraton’s Marina Resort at the Gold Coast as well as an opportunity…

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