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Adieu Griffith

schrodingers-cat.jpgAfter 17 years at Griffith University, it’s time to hand back my swipe card and explore other opportunities. It’s been tremendous fun developing the sports engineering and technology disciplines (see Griffith’s SABEL research with impact), working with the elite sports industry, related and consumer industries and leading peak professional bodies like the International Sports Engineering Association, The Australian Sports Technologies Network and others. Highlights have been developing commercial products, supporting elite sport, receiving support from the ARC, seeing 20+ students through their doctoral journey and contributing to the ISEA international conference bid for 2018 in Brisbane.
Unfortunately, I looked in Schrodinger ‘ s contract box one too many times and it appears the cat has expired …
I’m looking forward to seeing where the SABEL journey leads and keeping in touch with everyone going forward.
Very best wishes to all for Christmas, the New Year and future endeavours!


  1. All the best Danny. For a researcher with a track record you have to not have a contract renewal, let alone tenure…, I still find unfathomable. You are a go getter and make things happen. I look forward to working together with you in the role you find yourself in. jimbo


  2. Real shame to see you go Dan, thanks for all your support so far and helping me shift towards the world of sports technologies. 120hours of 3D printing done in the last few weeks, and I have 2 sporting products to test – hopefully you can be a part of it wherever you end up in the new year!

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  3. All the very best Dan. I’m sure things will work out for you in the future, given your drive and personality. It has been wonderful working with you over all of these years. You have created much from pretty much nothing at Griffith University and the University has been very proud of your achievements. Thanks for everything.


  4. Hi Danny, Saddened to hear this news. always interested to hear what you were up to in your labs. If you think Loughborough might feature in any future endeavors or that i can be of any help in whatever comes next for you please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Best, Andy

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  5. Daniel, it was a pleasure to cross paths with you and working with you on those little vents. A sad loss to the University I say. Congratulations on all that you have achieved there. Good luck with all your future journeys and remember to take time to enjoy life.

    All the best, Dr. James A. Kirkup. :o)


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