Bringing in 2017 With A Bang.

On behalf of SABEL Labs a very happy new year to all, what a massive year 2016 was for the Lab. We won the ISEA bid for 2018, published scientific papers, traveled both far and near for conferences and seminars, lectured university courses, featured on TV shows, and helped athletes and coaches from a range of sports achieve new performance heights. The year was also full of changes with SABEL’s founding director Dan James biding Griffith Adieu with also Mitch, and Ray biding goodbye to Griffith after many years of service, all onto new adventures. Although they are missed at Griffith, we still remain a part of the SABEL family under the leadership of Griffith SABEL director David Rowlands.


The year ended with a bang, but an unplanned and very unfortunate one. Construction work on the floor above led to the water pipes in our lab bursting causing the whole lab to be inundated with water, only a day before Santa was due to come down the chimney. Unfortunately, we didn’t have our SABELSense’s on, would have made an interesting aside to our swimming papers! The flood has led to a bit of a delayed start to the year, but the office has now been washed and cleaned and the insurance claims have been filled in.


With a squeaky clean office and new gear arriving in the next few weeks (thanks insurance) the lab will look to have its biggest year yet. We have some exciting announcements in the coming weeks so stay tuned!


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About Jonathan Shepherd

I have always been captivated by the theatre of sport and the pursuit for participants to achieve better. My research area focuses on creating and implementing biofeedback technologies to shape, enhance and optimise the acquisition of motor skills. My research is applied at enhancing elite sport to enable heightened performance, improve athlete safety, improve rehabilitation and increase mass participation.

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