Scope TV segment airing tomorrow 8:30am Channel 11

So you may remember getting a behind the scenes look at a ScopeTV segment we filmed on our virtual reality cycling simulator. The episode goes to air at 8.30am Saturday 04/02/2017 (tomorrow) morning.



This is just the prototype of the project, with the entire experience being created with help from my wonderful friends at the Griffith University IDEA Lab. We’ve moved on to new and exciting testing with this device and a few other games are in the works. Looking forward to putting the results from the research studies out there for you to look at soon. Hopefully you can tune in and see the episode live as it airs, if you are from further abroad or can’t watch it live, we will post a link when it hits the web!





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About Jonathan Shepherd

I have always been captivated by the theatre of sport and the pursuit for participants to achieve better. My research area focuses on creating and implementing biofeedback technologies to shape, enhance and optimise the acquisition of motor skills. My research is applied at enhancing elite sport to enable heightened performance, improve athlete safety, improve rehabilitation and increase mass participation.

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