Design Tech and coding – How I got owned by high school students!


Joining the Cavendish Road SHS year 10 coding class with Mr. Thomson

Well I got to be a school boy again earlier this week. Having had something of a collaboration with the Head of Business and Technology – David Thomson at Cavendish Road High School I was delighted to be invited to share some of of the joys of working with coding, sensors and more recently wearable technologies with STEM students. Sport is a great hook for engagement and SABEL’s success in a wide range of elite sports made for some great conversation. It was a great opportunity to interact with his Yr10 Digital Technology and the Yr 11 Technology Studies students under the watchful eye of Don Markovic. I was impressed with the coding abilities of the students and the delivery of the programme though a mixture of fun, experimentation to build real skills.

The Tech Studies students who are undertaking a project of their choice were an inquisitive bunch often getting the gist of why we might want to measure stroke rate in a rower or jump height of a snowboarder and asking so many insightful questions. Under Don’s tutelage I was able to talk about the importance of lowing project risk, getting that early win (which we call MVP- minimum viable product in the game) rather than creating the dream feature rich technology straight up. I’m looking forward to seeing how their projects progress over the break and through term 2. Well done Cavendish Rd SHS I could clearly see where their motto of tradition meets innovation at work.

Cavendish-road-SHS design technology 2.jpg

Talking about the value of iteration in the design and execution process

This article also appears as an Advance Queensland Community Digital Champion article


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