New York Marathon here we come…



A nice little good news story from James Lee (SABEL NT) on using technology in the preparation of an athlete for competition. And all for a great cause too!

Full article below and on ABC radio (from 2:06:30)

Territorian hitsNY’s streets for great cause
NT News Tuesday Ma8 8, 2018
In November, Territorian Na­talie Merida will take on the New York Marathon in a bid to raise funds for the Miracle Babies Foundation
After her experience with premature twins, Ms Merida said she decided to take on the marathon as a personal chal­lenge and to acknowledge the foundation for supporting her family. “I am running for family and my miracle four-year-olds “ she said.
“The foundation was a huge support to us during the good and bad days.” Helping her to prepare for the gruelling 42km is exercise and sports science expert Jim Lee. The Charles Darwin University lecturer is currently working on the appli­cation and development of wearable technologies within the sporting, workplace and rehabilitation environments.
“Using new technology in­ vented by my colleague and CDU Adjunct Professor Dr Danny James, I hope to accu­rately prescribe and improve her training program.” he said.
“The SABEL Sense device offers nine channels rather than the two or three of most devices so it will enable us to collect more data and monitor her training more effectively, improving performance feed­ back.” Dr Lee said that working with Ms Merida would also provide an opportunity to gather data and test the tech­nology. “Ultimately it will help all athletes and coaches by de­veloping software that will as­sist in monitoring performance,” he said.




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