What Is STB Doing Now

This is a “Now’ page inspired by Derek Sivers and it has information about the ‘Now’ of Sports Technology Blog (STB) including what’s active or being focused on ‘now’. This should be more precise/updated than the ‘About‘ page.

1/ Who Is In STB?

As mentioned elsewhere in the site, STB has a small team of sports people (scientists, teachers/coaches and technologists). Different people have been part of the team (contributing to STB) through the years and currently the active ones include:- Sal, Stu and myself (Julian). Sal has an exercise/sports science background; loves soccer, coaches a youth team, works as an engineer/developer and at one point was considering venturing into a sports tech startup. Stu also has an exercise/sports science background; he’s a triathlete and coach, an ice hockey club strength coach, a teacher and at the same time working on a PhD with wearable sensors and triathletes. Julian (that’s me) has a mechanical engineering background; I’m into flatwater kayaking and coached briefly, but worked mostly in engineering and design until I went back to Uni to do a PhD and got to use Inertia Sensors (IMUs) in sports. That’s when I discovered my passion for applying technology in sports.

2/ Sports Tech Shoutouts

We come across lots of interesting stories in the sports technology world on a regular basis. Very often through word of mouth. We pick out a few every month (or so) to feature them in what we call “Sports Tech Shoutouts” post. It is basically that: shoutouts of sports tech organisations who had news of product launches, new product features, new research being developed, interesting innovations, or new partnerships or collaborations or initiatives that will lead to more of all the above mentioned. The common theme (of course) is that they centre around athletes and promoting sports/fitness and there’s a cool technology or innovation behind them. If you haven’t seen them, check them out here: Sports Tech Shoutouts.

3/ The Sports User’s Perspective – “What Works”

This is something new that we are exploring. What Sports Tech products or services do athletes and coaches use? There are many different Sports Tech products either on the market or being developed. How do we know if they are effective for a particular type of athlete or sport? What if we could hear from athletes or coaches who have tried different products and services and learn about their experiences?

This is still currently in the planning stage and might come out later in the year (2022).

4/ Product Reviews & Technology Reviews

This is where we review sports technology products – hardware, software or apps. This is a pretty fun one to do but it does come with a few challenges. From getting hold of suitable products that the team is capable of reviewing, to testing a product for a few months only to realise it is not going to be on the market anymore, and not being able to get hold of a product because it is not available for the Australian market. But it is still great when we get to do a review and then publish it. Then when we go a bit more in-depth on using the product, it becomes more of a ‘guide/tip’ article. Although we would review any interesting and useful tech, our focus, for now, is on novel tech products/apps for running/training and fitness/strength training.

If any of these things resonate, and you would like to get involved, feel free to drop me a note here: contact.

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