Sports Technology Blog Beyond 2018

This is a post about some big changes ahead for Sports Technology Blog and a bit of reminiscing about the past. Starting out as a platform for sharing sports engineering research, it has slowly stepped into the commercial space and now it is becoming the trusted source of info for all emerging sports and health tech products. #watchthisspace

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Adieu Griffith

After 17 years at Griffith University, it’s time to hand back my swipe card and explore other opportunities. It’s been tremendous fun developing the sports engineering and technology disciplines (see Griffith’s SABEL research with impact), working with the elite sports industry, related and consumer industries and leading peak professional bodies like the International Sports Engineering Association,… Read More Adieu Griffith

Southern Cross University And The Liverpool Football Club Academy Visit.

For us here at SABEL our research partnerships are very important, not only for sharing ideas and resources but to also feel a part of a connected tribe. On Monday I headed down to the northern New South Wales town of Lismore to touch base with sports science researcher Jamie Hetherington.  We met at a… Read More Southern Cross University And The Liverpool Football Club Academy Visit.

Innovation = Creativity + Implementation

I came across this neat equation doing a subject led by Bob Sutton at Stanford.  It resonated with me, in part because I’ve been wrestling with whats the difference between research and innovation,  and how they contribute to the knowledge economy. The knowledge economy being something Australia would like to have in addition to ‘we… Read More Innovation = Creativity + Implementation