Sports Technology Seed Funding for Startups

The Australian Sports Technologies Network has just announced some seeding funding for start up companies. Its very exciting especially as our Queensland node of the ASTN consists of many a SME enterprise based on great ideas but struggling to get over the hump financially. It was reported in todays Financial Review too. Duncan Saville to… Read More Sports Technology Seed Funding for Startups

Crowdsourcing Sports Innovation

Most people probably heard of crowdsourced funding platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. There are of course many other similar platforms all over the world that help budding entrepreneurs or generally people with new/good ideas to fulfil their venture. I wrote a little about crowdsourced funding for sports technology a year ago and since then, there has been a LOT more innovative sports tech… Read More Crowdsourcing Sports Innovation

Crowdsourced Funding For Sports Technology

A couple of weeks back, the Australian Sports Technology Network had their inaugural conference and it was a huge success. Very well attended by people in the industry, there were very interesting talks and discussions with views from various perspectives. Anyway, there’s a great summary of the event here. What was less known was the Sports Technology Innovation Bootcamp that… Read More Crowdsourced Funding For Sports Technology

Got A Great Idea? Try The Sports Technologies Investment Pitching Competition

The Sports Technologies Investment Pitching Competition is focused on driving the commercialisation of Australian-based sports technologies. The Competition is designed to uncover new sports technologies and assist entrepreneurs to commercialise these ideas, concepts, start-ups and early stage projects. Prizes will be awarded to the two entries with the most commercial potential. Prizes include; Winner $8,000 cash 12-months… Read More Got A Great Idea? Try The Sports Technologies Investment Pitching Competition