Tracking Kicks, Shots And Sprints With Your iPhone

The iPhone camera can do more than taking pictures and videos. With its powerful processor and vision algorithms, it can track and measure the performance of sprinting, soccer dribbling, shooting and basketball shots. Here’s a look at four apps that do just that. … Read More Tracking Kicks, Shots And Sprints With Your iPhone


Sports Technology Blog Beyond 2018

This is a post about some big changes ahead for Sports Technology Blog and a bit of reminiscing about the past. Starting out as a platform for sharing sports engineering research, it has slowly stepped into the commercial space and now it is becoming the trusted source of info for all emerging sports and health tech products. #watchthisspace

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Tracking & Managing Anxiety In Athletes

The 2016 Rio Olympic games as with the previous games was a great platform for many tech companies to showcase their latest developments. There are radar and camera technologies that capture motion/biomechanics of an athlete on the field and in the pool. There are wearable devices that (also) track motion plus monitor physiological parameters 24/7. They aim to positively… Read More Tracking & Managing Anxiety In Athletes