Sports Technology Blog Beyond 2018

This is a post about some big changes ahead for Sports Technology Blog and a bit of reminiscing about the past. Starting out as a platform for sharing sports engineering research, it has slowly stepped into the commercial space and now it is becoming the trusted source of info for all emerging sports and health tech products. #watchthisspace

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Validate Or Get It To Market?

At the most recent wearable technology conference in Melbourne, we had speakers from industry and industry all weighing in on the latest developments of wearables.  I had as conference chair the at times challenging task of facilitating an emerging debate on whether ‘product’ should be rushed to market, or first scientifically validated and then released to market. Not… Read More Validate Or Get It To Market?

Developing With Kinect Sensors For Fitness And Health

The Kinect sensor has been widely used (hacked/developed/applied) by many ever since the Xbox 360 was first released. A couple of years ago, a fellow sports engineer from SHU studied the feasibility of using the Kinect sensor as a biomechanical analysis tool. He concluded that although the Kinect was fairly accurate, it wasn’t good enough for… Read More Developing With Kinect Sensors For Fitness And Health

Crowdsourcing Sports Innovation

Most people probably heard of crowdsourced funding platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. There are of course many other similar platforms all over the world that help budding entrepreneurs or generally people with new/good ideas to fulfil their venture. I wrote a little about crowdsourced funding for sports technology a year ago and since then, there has been a LOT more innovative sports tech… Read More Crowdsourcing Sports Innovation

Crowdsourced Funding For Sports Technology

A couple of weeks back, the Australian Sports Technology Network had their inaugural conference and it was a huge success. Very well attended by people in the industry, there were very interesting talks and discussions with views from various perspectives. Anyway, there’s a great summary of the event here. What was less known was the Sports Technology Innovation Bootcamp that… Read More Crowdsourced Funding For Sports Technology