Sports Technology Blog Beyond 2018

This is a post about some big changes ahead for Sports Technology Blog and a bit of reminiscing about the past. Starting out as a platform for sharing sports engineering research, it has slowly stepped into the commercial space and now it is becoming the trusted source of info for all emerging sports and health tech products. #watchthisspace

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A New Journal, The Rise And Rise Of Sports Technology

Congratulations to Abbas Meamarbashi and colleagues on the founding of the Journal of Advanced Sports Technology, servicing the middle east as well as the international community, it so exciting to see it developing everywhere. Sports Technology really has exploded in the past decade becoming a mainstream role in many sporting organisations and popular through consumer… Read More A New Journal, The Rise And Rise Of Sports Technology

Adieu Griffith

After 17 years at Griffith University, it’s time to hand back my swipe card and explore other opportunities. It’s been tremendous fun developing the sports engineering and technology disciplines (see Griffith’s SABEL research with impact), working with the elite sports industry, related and consumer industries and leading peak professional bodies like the International Sports Engineering Association,… Read More Adieu Griffith

Engineering The Paralympics 2016

So after a few weeks break from the Olympics the sporting world’s attention turns back to Rio for the Paralympics. Athletes with disabilities have a beautiful synergism with the technology that enables them to compete. From a sports tech perspective, this means the athletes are working closely with sports engineers to create adaptive technology to… Read More Engineering The Paralympics 2016