Adieu Griffith

After 17 years at Griffith University, it’s time to hand back my swipe card and explore other opportunities. It’s been tremendous fun developing the sports engineering and technology disciplines (see Griffith’s SABEL research with impact), working with the elite sports industry, related and consumer industries and leading peak professional bodies like the International Sports Engineering Association,… Read More Adieu Griffith

Engineering The Paralympics 2016

So after a few weeks break from the Olympics the sporting world’s attention turns back to Rio for the Paralympics. Athletes with disabilities have a beautiful synergism with the technology that enables them to compete. From a sports tech perspective, this means the athletes are working closely with sports engineers to create adaptive technology to… Read More Engineering The Paralympics 2016

Tracking & Managing Anxiety In Athletes

The 2016 Rio Olympic games as with the previous games was a great platform for many tech companies to showcase their latest developments. There are radar and camera technologies that capture motion/biomechanics of an athlete on the field and in the pool. There are wearable devices that (also) track motion plus monitor physiological parameters 24/7. They aim to positively… Read More Tracking & Managing Anxiety In Athletes

Recapping ISEA 2016 – The Engineering Sport 11.

Now all the SABEL’ers are back from overseas we’ve had a second to take a breath and reflect about our time in Delft at the biannual International Sports Engineering Conference – The Engineering of Sport . What a cracking conference it was! Over 300 delegates with great representation from both industry and academia from all… Read More Recapping ISEA 2016 – The Engineering Sport 11.

Celebrating Sports Engineering Diversity Part 1: Sports Simulation

We here at SABEL believe the adage that if you have only a hammer the only problems you can solve are with nails holds very true to sports engineering. In sport we face so many different engineering problems, therefore, we see working in multidisciplinary teams as vital for success. For us, it’s pretty simple –… Read More Celebrating Sports Engineering Diversity Part 1: Sports Simulation

Validate Or Get It To Market?

At the most recent wearable technology conference in Melbourne, we had speakers from industry and industry all weighing in on the latest developments of wearables.  I had as conference chair the at times challenging task of facilitating an emerging debate on whether ‘product’ should be rushed to market, or first scientifically validated and then released to market. Not… Read More Validate Or Get It To Market?