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Journal Of Sports Technology: Special Issue On Australian Sports Technology

Swimming technology integrated client


Forthcoming Special Issue: Australian Sports Technology in Sports Technology
The papers for the special issue of Sports Technology have been made available online 

It’s a pretty good rollup for some of what’s happening in Australia in the lead up to the Australian Sports Technology Network annual conference in  November, where the printed  journal issue will be available as a printed copy  ( )

For us, its a nice sunset for our ARC and QAS funded swimming grant with an integrated technology and application to tumble turns as we look ahead to whats next.

It’s also our first paper to go live with our method of detecting illegal arm action in cricket using a small wearable sensor.

Prof. Thiel, ur centre directors work in field hockey is published, as well as recent centre member (and QAS researcher) Allan Hahn’s led Boxtag paper

Herer’s the full list of papers (online), enjoy…

  • Australian sporting innovation: patently better?, Mike Lloyd
  • Aerodynamics of ski jumping suits, Harun Chowdhury, Hazim Moria, Firoz Alam & Aleksandar Subic
  • Development of a smart oval ball for assessment of angular flight dynamics and precision of kick execution, Franz Konstantin Fuss & Robert Masterton Smith
  • Quantifying and assessing biomechanical differences in swim turn using wearable sensors, James Lee, Raymond Leadbetter, Yuji Ohgi, David Thiel, Brendan Burkett & Daniel A. James
  • Accelerometer measures of field hockey skills development, Melissa Tremayne, David V. Thiel & Sophie Nottle
  • Detection of throwing in cricket using wearable sensors, Andrew Wixted, Marc Portus, Wayne Spratford & Daniel James
  • An integrated swimming monitoring system for the biomechanical analysis of swimming strokes, Daniel A. James, Raymond I. Leadbetter, Madhusudan Rao Neeli, Brendan J. Burkett, David V. Thiel & James B. Lee
  • Aerodynamic behaviour of stretchable sports fabrics, Hazim Moria, Harun Chowdhury, Firoz Alam & Aleksandar Subic
  • Technological foundations and current status of a modified, low-risk form of competitive boxing (Box’Tag®), Allan G. Hahn, Richard J.N. Helmer, Colin Mackintosh, Laurie M. Staynes & Ian Blanchonette
  • Identification of key performance parameters during off-spin bowling with a smart cricket ball, Franz Konstantin Fuss, Noel Lythgo, Robert Masterton Smith, Amanda Clare Benson & Brett Gordon

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