#APCST2013 day 1 wash-up

IMG_0173Quite the conference today at APCST2013 in Hong Kong (well done RMIT), half of the ISEA executive commitee and general membership seemed to be there and ASTN’s founder James D. there as well – so nice to see everyone again! The plenaries kicked off with Mehta’s tour de force of ball aero dynamics followup by a terrific talk on walking, running and prothesis with a nice discussion of advantages of rebound and power between able bodies and technologically enhanced and some thought on where its all headed. Following that a nice over view of sensor technologies and our friends the inertial sensors (thanks for the plug for our work too). A guest session by our conference hosts from a medical perspective had us reevaluating our own approaches to work too. After the general sessions we were treated to a insiders tour of Honk Kong’ s elite sports facility, almost every court, room, lab was full of coaches, scientist and athletes..wow!!

This year there are a good half dozen here from our lab and maybe a dozen papers. Some of us caught up for dinner (a wonderful street cafe meal of subtle flavours – all for less than $10/head too). Here we are below with the boss telling bad jokes, David (Rowly) giving us gastronomical commentary, Mitch satisfied with sourcing cheap beer and William photographing every meal to show his girlfriend or mum he’s eating right.



Anyways think we are giving the bulk of the papers tomorrow so early to bed!


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