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Wearable Tech – Old School Redesigned

leatherman-tread-wearable-15902One of the things we keep an eye upon is the wearable technology space and we recently came across this latest innovation from Leatherman. Leatherman is the innovator that brought us the multitool wave of innovation after the swiss army knife. A leatherman is a popular engineer/techs tool, often doubling as a belt mounted fashion accessory along with the mobile phone holster and sunnies case (sometimes seen in the wild along the ermm…. pocket protector too).

Anyway, these days its considered quite fashionable to wear something on your wrist, (excepting a watch, of course, some might argue). Enter the leatherman GEAR which put the essential elements of the multi-tool on your wrist, not only is it manly (see the art of manliness for some old school definitions) but it’s useful too and airline safe too!

We like the modular design too and reckon it’d be just perfect with one of our inertial sensors as a module for fitness buffs, a compass for old-school navigation (no Euler quaternion thingies required) and maybe a watch (which leatherman have thoughtfully provided as an option)

We’d love the chance to road test a GEAR and design a module or two for it, so if you know someone at Leatherman HQ put in a good word for us 😉

Thoughts? Leave a comment here.

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