Women In Sports (Engineering)

RiotwebSABEL Labs partner and Business school lecturer Caroline Riot recently hosted a Careers-in-Sports Event for schoolgirls in the Gold Coast region. Caroline has a long history in sports science and management and we have been working together on pathways for innovation in the sports industry too. While the event focus was primarily on Sport it pretty quickly turned to technology because its such a game changer in sports for both competitive advantage and engagement at the community level.

Sporting champions share secrets of success

(See the full article from Griffith News here)

Schoolgirls on the Gold Coast got an exciting insight into life as a professional athlete at a sporty Career Experience Day hosted by Griffith University this morning (Wednesday).

Seoul Olympian Liz Hepple and six-time world champion Melinda McLeod revealed some of the secrets to their success, in and out of the sporting arena, to Year 11 and Year 12 students who are thinking about a career in sport.

The high school students also heard from Griffith University business student Leiston Pickett who swam for Australia at the London Olympics in 2012.

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